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Boston - Quick Summary

BOSTON (Light Blue) - (New York (Navy), Zurich (Blue) & Seoul (Torquoise)).jpg
Boston (Light Blue), New York (Navy), Zurich (Blue) & Seoul (Torquoise)

GFCI11 describes Boston as a Transnational Diversified centre, which is broad. It has a particular strength in the Asset Management sub-indices, as well as being Top 10 in Professional Services and Insurance. In addition, in the areas of competitiveness sub-indices, Boston ranks Top 10 in the People. Between GFCI1 and GFCI11 Boston has closed the gap to leaders London and New York, but has not shown the same level of improvement as some Asian centres (such as Seoul), which have shown strong gains. However, Boston has performed better than European Centres and has now achieved a similar rating to Zurich.

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